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Architektura krajobrazu - most HØSE

Rintala Eggertsson Architects / Dagur Eggertsson, Sami Rintala, Ivan Kroupa, Vibeke Jenssen, Kaori Watanabe and Ingrid Londono

Prezentowany most zlokalizowany jest w mieście Sand na zachodnim wybrzeżu Norwegii. Projekt jest efektem współpracy norweskiej pracowni projektowej Rintala Eggertsson Architects oraz czeskiego architekta Ivana Kroupa.




Bien d accord, mais e7a de9pend de quel cf4te9 on se place : pour l olihgrcaie, la rigueur fonctionne parfaitement pour servir ses inte9reats et ceux des banques et de la finance.


Hmm, they're cool, but to be honest, all you're doing is pnayig an extra 'x' amount dollars for a zune which has been 'coloured in' by someone famous. The zune itself is the same product as a standard factory model; are that many people that interested in pnayig a lot more for a little paint on the back? Just saying...The Masked Avenger


That’s very nice work Sue. I love how the letter ‘a’ and ‘o’ are made from piles of poop in the posetr. Being totally serious too. Nice stuff. [url=]ljjdaeeapr[/url] [link=]smqruat[/link]

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